How to advertise on the Internet?

Before you start creating your social media advertising strategy, it’s neccessary to develop a good basis for it. A good basis entails a unique logo and company corporate identity, high quality website design, high quality and relevant content on the website optimized for the target audience and search engines (SEO optimization) and a visually appealing design of social media profiles.

When the above criteria is fulfilled, nothing can stop you in realizing the full potential of your business. However, be aware that the results don’t happen overnight; it takes constant work and dedication.

Types of PPC Advertising services we offer:

  • PPC Advertising on social media: Facebook/Instagram.
  • Google Advertising: Search/Display Network.

Facebook Advertising

The process consists of 3 steps:

1. Facebook Page creation – one of the simplest ways to achieve communication with your potential clients. For that you will need a unique logo and a cover image along with the detailed data to display about your company.

2. Connecting with people – Facebook ads can be created with the goal of targeting people based on location, demographics, interests and many more metrics.

3. Engaging the users – publishing quality content, status updates and their promotion with the goal of engaging the clients and their friends.

Organic Facebook marketing without paid promotions is a long and hard road which is becoming less and less effective. By promoting your posts you can get 10 to 100 times more exposure and reach for your Facebook page.

Instagram Advertising

There are many advantages of advertising on Instagram.

• Low CPC (cost-per-click) – Instagram advertising is much more affordable compared to other forms of online advertising.

• High Engagement – Considering the fact that Instagram posts usually look very good, thanks to the filters Instagram offers among other things, Engagement is high, which means that users comment, share and look at Instagram posts more because they are very aesthetically pleasing.

Secure development of visual brand identity – With the help of Instagram ads, you will create an emotional connection with your target audience, which will motivate your followers to visit your profile more and better connect with your brand.

Precision targeting – Targeting on Instagram is based on the Facebook algorithm, which is proven to be very accurate. Considering the fact that Engagement on Instagram is higher, your brand will surely get to everyone who could be interested in your product or service and has an Instagram profile.

Google Advertising - Search/Display network

If you’re looking for ways to bring even more people to your website – think about advertising on the first page of Google results with the help of Google AdWords system. This service is currently the most efficient method of online advertising through textual ads, where your ad appears in Google search above or to the side of organic search results for a particular keyword. Google advertising helps you stand out and relate the most important information: special offers, newest product or an area you’re an expert at and at the exact moment when your potential clients are searching for the type of products or services which you offer.

AdWords Plaćeno Oglašavanje

A big advantage when Google advertising is concerned is the fact that it’s paid by click (PPC), which means that the ad is showing for free and the money is spent only when somebody clicks on it. There’s no universal price for the click – it varies from industry to industry and depends on many factors, among which the most important one is the competition for the particular keyword.

Click prices are formed on the basis of auction, and each time you make a search, auctions are activated between all bidders who are bidding for a position on the paid search results. Also, in the majority of cases, a daily budget limit is set, and when it’s spent the ad shuts down and stops apearing for the day. There’s no minimal daily budget requirement.

Advantages of Google Search Advertising

The ads stand out and bring attention to your business – Paid Google ads don’t stand out only because of their position, which is usually above organic (unpaid) results, but also because they can have various extensions, for example for direct calling from a mobile phone, app downloads…
AdWords is measurable – AdWords is integrated with Google Analytics so you can easily follow the budget impact. At any time you can see what the budget is being spent on, at what time of the day, for which keywords and many other data.
You’re in control at all times – Choose your own daily budget and the amount you pay for each click. You can decide to change, pause or stop ads at any moment. What we can name as the biggest advantage of this type of advertising is the fact that your business is right there on the search results when someone is searching for keywords related to your business. Also, you can choose the locations and times during which you would like your ads to appear.

Advantages of Google Display Advertising

This is another important aspect of Google Advertising, and it can be a powerful tool if utilized the right way. Google Display web respresents millions of partner websits in the world which have the option of showing Google Display ads. Those ads will show on the partner websites which fit the selected criteria like geographic location, topic of the website the audience visits, website of your choosing where Google banners will show…

On Google Search it’s only possible to show text ads, while Display Advertising offers a variety of different options such as banner and video ads. Also, Google Display web offers a variety of options for choosing and targeting an audience.

Choose the best Internet Advertising strategy