Facebook is Changing: What Does It Mean for Your Company?

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Facebook is Changing: What Does It Mean for Your Company?

Last week, Facebook announced that it will soon change the algorithm to prioritize content which is “significant” for users. Posts which fall into this category are those that achieve greater engagement – more likes, comments and shares. With this move, Facebook drastically reduced the organic reach (number of people who are exposed to page posts if they don’t pay Facebook to show them) and thus forced businesses which want to stay relevant to promote their posts or create very high quality content which would be considered ” significant “.

The announced changes will present a big problem to companies whose pages have low engagement, especially those with more page likes but little to no likes, comments and shares on posts. This will require companies to invest more in promoting and improving the quality of their content, either through additional staff training or hiring professional Facebook marketing agencies.

These changes will have the most impact on businesses which don’t have enough time to devote to creating content which Facebook would consider “significant” or who aren’t ready to devote more resources to paid promotions on Facebook. Contact us and we will make sure your Facebook page is successful and prepared for the upcoming changes so that you can focus on doing what you’re best at – running your business.

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