5 trends in Digital Marketing which you should pay attention to in 2018

5 trends in Digital Marketing which you should pay attention to in 2018

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed many incredible changes in the field of digital marketing. It’s no longer possible to deny the importance of AdWords advertising and content marketing as well as the necessity of SEO optimization for the success of a business. All this is also strongly influenced by a huge increase in the number of people who access the Internet through their mobile devices.

Today, it’s not enough for a company of any size to rely solely on the basic website and Facebook page as means of advertising and marketing on the Internet (although they are also necessary factors of success). In the text which follows, we write about the trends in digital marketing which can help you take your business to the next level in 2018.

  1. Integration of marketing activities according to the phase of the buying cycle.

Taking into account the increasing complexity of digital marketing and marketing in general, techniques such as buyer’s cycle analysis and analysis of different types of customers are gaining importance in planning marketing communications aimed at the modern customer.

A modern approach to digital marketing must involve prioritizing and integrating the full range of marketing communications and experiences in order to make it easier for customers to buy using techniques such as retargeting and personalized messaging.

  1. Introduce personalization into customer experience.

In order to ensure relevance and responsiveness, website personalization is being used in some ecommerce sectors such as retail, travel agencies and financial services.

Lately, new solutions have been developed which cost less and offer more personalization options. There are many types of web personalization solutions, from those integrated with the content to those integrated into analytical solutions or stand-alone Software as a Service personalization options.

  1. Use of video content in the buying cycle.

The popularity of video content is accelerating rapidly thanks to social media. Youtube used to be the second largest browser. However, new data shows that Youtube is now more popular than Google thanks to the growing number of users.

  1. Creating volumes of content – Content Marketing

Video is just one type of content which you can offer to customers. In order to maintain and improve your market position in 2018, it is necessary to make quality content on a regular basis, which will be useful and interesting to the target audience and distributed through adequate digital channels.

  1. Integration of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) into marketing activities.

Marketing on search engines is undoubtedly the best digital sales channel. Social networks are still unable to catch up in this regard, despite their popularity among users.

Social media can serve to promote and build brand awareness in many industries, but in terms of ROI and sales volume, they can’t compete with search engine marketing. Google AdWords is currently the most popular (and most innovative) platform for this type of marketing, especially since this year’s introduction of ECPC bidding and Smart Display campaigns.

Despite the fact that until recently this type of marketing was poorly represented in many countries, more and more companies are using the opportunity to position themselves on search engines before competition finds out about the benefits search engine marketing brings. It is expected that this type of marketing will grow rapidly in the future and in a few years it is expected to reach the same popularity as marketing on social media.


All of these trends will contribute to making digital marketing even more significant for all businesses planning to remain relevant and achieve success in the market. If you want your business to do even better in 2018, contact us and our digital marketing professionals will help you to raise your business to the next level.

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